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Psychrogen 2 is supported by AirQuest Ltd. on the following editions of Windows 10 – Windows 10 Home, Windows 10 Pro, Windows 10 Education, and Windows 10 Enterprise


Psychrometric Charts, Mollier Diagrams, Calculators, Compressed Air, and much more .....

PsychroGen 2 is the first in a new generation of  innovative psychrometric charts software that enables users to view and explore the relationships between psychrometric properties in a variety of ways that were not previously available. It allows users to create an unprecedented number of different and interactive psychrometric charts very easily, and  is an ideal resource for teaching as well as learning psychrometry.
Some of the areas where psychrometry is of basic importance:
  • Mechanical, Chemical and Process Engineering
  • Architecture and Environmental Engineering
  • Compressed air applications
  • Food and Chemical industries
  • HVAC industries & Building Services
  • Marine and aeronautic industries

***** New Special Edition available *****

  • PsychroGen 2 is unique in its capability to plot psychrometric properties against any two independent parameters on the X and Y axes. This makes it possible to create more than 60 different, user specifiable, and interactive chart types in addition to the Psychrometric Chart and Mollier Diagram (see the matrix below).
  • It is also uniquely able to create and display psychrometric property curves at up to four different pressures (or altitudes) on the same chart with great clarity. This makes it possible to easily understand as well as investigate the effect that atmospheric pressure has on the relationship between the various psychrometric properties.
  • Another unique feature  of PsychroGen 2 is the ability to display (in an easily accessible format) the dew point and condensation values over a wide range of temperatures and pressures when the pre-compression conditions are known.
  • PsychroGen 2 also incorporates a calculator that can calculate all the psychrometric property values when the pressure (or altitude) and ANY 2 independent property values are known
Psychrometry Software Options Comparison Chart

NOTE: Currently PsychroGen 2.0 is the only software that provides all the
possible X & Y axis combinations as indicated by the green circles.


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