About Us

Airquest Limited was established in 1997. However, we have been involved in Psychrometric Charting since 1984. Some references to our software are given below:

  • Psychrometry, a microcomputer approach, International Journal of Refrigeration, Volume 8 Number 4 July 1985
  • Innovative Software for Air Conditioning, Refrigeration and Air Conditioning (RAC), September 1995, pp 39-41
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  • We created the first microcomputer based psychrometric chart in 1983 (on a Sinclair ZX81)
  • Over the years, our software has been acquired by various universities, research establishments, multi-national and other companies as well as individuals in many countries.
  • Our software is also used under licence by establishments to create their own applications.
Important: Product delivery is by download only. Packaging (CD/Software Box) is solely for illustration purposes. Physical product, where offered, may vary.