Advanced Calculator

  • Select the Unit System
  • Enter the pressure (kPa or psia) OR the Altitude (m or ft) as appropriate
  • Check any 2 properties and enter their values. In the appropriate units
  • Click the <Calculate Property Values> button
  • This will display the results in a numbered column to the right of the input panel.
  • Calculations which fall outside the saturated region will not be added to the result set.
  • Each correct calculation will move the existing columns one space to the right (as can be seen by the numbers at the bottom of each column)
  • Click the <Reset> button to carry out another calculation.
  • Once the screen is full, it would become possible to scroll horizontally to view the earlier result columns.
  • As can be seen above, calculations for different altitudes and pressures can be carried out and the results are all visible at the same time. This makes it easier to carry out calculations which involve the mixing of streams at different pressures and the mixture is to be used at a third pressure.
Easy to Use Control Interface

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