Frequently Asked Questions

Who is PsychroGen intended for?

PsychroGen is expected to be useful to all who are involved in applications of air. In addition to the features found in most dynamic psychrometric chart programs, it has many unique features designed to aid to learning, teaching and understanding the complex relationships between the various psychrometric parameters.

In addition to all the features of most commercial programs, the capability of generating every possible type of psychrometric chart is unique to PsychroGen 2. Even to those in industry who already have a Psychrometric Chart or Mollier Diagram that fully meets their requirements, this particular feature can enable them to obtain new insights into the various processes and calculations that they usually deal with.

However for those who are interested in developing a deeper understanding of psychrometry (students, teachers, researchers, those involved in new or unusual applications etc.) PsychroGen is a unique and effective aid. Because it so flexible and comprehensive, PsychroGen will be continue to be useful long after the study phase is completed.

Who else makes dynamic psychrometric charts?
A short list is given below, not in any particular order.

What distinguishes PsychroGen from other psychrometric chart programs available?
We believe that there is no other psychrometric charting program, regardless of cost, that has all the features of PsychroGen, or a more user friendly interface. We believe that the capability to plot psychrometric property values against any independent combination of X and Y axis parameters is unique.

It is, so far, one of the very few (if not the only one), psychrometric chart programs developed in .NET and is unlikely to need changes in the foreseeable future if and when your Windows Operating System is upgraded.

Since the licence is for installation on one machine only, what would happen if my machine crashes?
When you complete the on-line registration, you will notice that several additional files have been created in the folder where the application had been installed. Make a copy of the complete folder and keep it safe as the backup. If your original machine crashes, you can copy the backup folder and contents on to the new machine and carry on using the program as before. The Product Key can be found from the 'About / Licence ' tab of the program.

IMPORTANT: Use the copy only if the original installation becomes unusable. Your licence may be deactivated by the copy protection system if it detects the same product key being used by more than one instance of the application. If you had not made a backup, just download the product from our website and register it as a 'Standalone' version. When asked for the Product Key, enter the one you already had.

If you have lost the Product Key, contact us with your contact name, address, e-mail address etc. so that we can locate your details on our copy protection facility and send you the Product Key. The copy protection system will allow only one instance of your Product Key to be active and may de-activate your Licence if it detects that a Product Key is being used on more than one machine.
In case of any doubt, contact us and we will try to provide you with instructions on how to proceed and help you to get the program up and running on your new machine

What would happen if I were to change my Operating System?
As PsychroGen has been developed to run in the .NET environment, we expect it to run without any problem in any environment that has .NET 3.5 or later. PsychroGen does not use any shared components. Nor does it share its components with other programs.

However, we cannot guarantee that PsychroGen will work with any operating system other than the one on which you successfully used the program during the ‘free trial’ period.

Why is there no ‘Help’ facility such as those usually found in many other programs?
PsychroGen is essentially a tool to create the widest selection of psychrometric graphs and its basic operation is extremely simple.
Select the Units and the X and Y parameters of the chart
Select the limits and intervals of the psychrometric properties you want to display
Select the colours of the various curves and the background colour of the chart
Click the <Plot> button
Default settings are provided for all the required data. So, if the default values are acceptable, once the program starts, all you need to draw the chart is to click the <Plot> button!

That is all there is to it.

Because of that, we felt that the type of ‘Help’ needed should be more specific and should be more step-by-step in approach than the usual ‘Help’ product. That’s the reason why we have provided Help in the form of ‘How To’ panels and ‘ToolTip’ hints that are shown when the cursor moves over the various control elements. We have also provided a separate User Guide which also gives details of how the various features of the program are used.

As we have a policy of continuous improvement, a standard ‘Help’ facility may be provided in future if there is a demand for it. As has been stated before, all updates of PsychroGen are free for periodic licence holders.

The ‘Print’ facility sometimes prints out the chart in the wrong size. Why is that?
The ‘print’ feature in VB2008 uses the ‘Print Form’ control from the Visual Basic Power Packs. It could be that some printer drivers are not compatible. This may be remedied in future updates. In the mean time, we have found that if the Page size is set to A3 and the paper size is set to ‘scale to fit’ and A4, the print out is O.K. A free update will be made available whenever improvements are made.

If this does not work out, the screen image can be printed out using Paint or a word processor. When the ’Print’ menu item is clicked, a copy of the screen is automatically loaded on to the clip board ready to be pasted into any other application.

What do you do with the personal information about your customers?
We collect only the information essential to maintaining customers’ licence status and providing support where necessary. The only mandatory personal information would be the name, email address, and country. All other information is optional and need to be provided only if the user considers it will be helpful in supporting the product they have purchased. We will not be passing on this information to any third party.

We will hold detailed information about the product being used by the customer, such as product key number(s), date of purchase, type of product purchased, type of licence, licence subscription history, user status (normal, student, educational institution etc.) and any other general information which directly be useful in supporting the customer in using our product.

We will not hold any details of credit/debit cards, bank account numbers etc.

The full physical address will be needed where the purchase mode (cheque, draft, bank transfer, direct debit, purchase order etc.) warrants it. For payment by card on-line, information necessary for card processing will have to be provided to the Payment Service Provider over a secure connection. The privacy conditions of the Payment Service Provider will apply in such instances.

Important: Product delivery is by download only. Packaging (CD/Software Box) is solely for illustration purposes. Physical product, where offered, may vary.