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PsychroGen 2.0

Psychrogen 2 is supported by AirQuest Ltd. on the following editions of Windows 10 – Windows 10 Home, Windows 10 Pro, Windows 10 Education, and Windows 10 Enterprise

PsychroGen 2.0 is a new, innovative and unique program that, in addition to the Psychrometric Chart, Mollier Diagram, Multi-Pressure presentation, Psychrometric Calculator, Compressed Air calculations etc., allows you to create many types of informative psychrometric diagrams in just a few clicks. It's an ideal solution for Learning, Teaching and Using Psychrometry. It allows more than 60 different ways (most of them never available commercially before) of presenting and viewing psychrometric properties and their relationships. Some of the many features of Psychrogen 2.0 are listed below.

Click here for a completely Free Download of the full working version of PsychroGen 2.0  for a 30 day trial and discover these for yourself!

  • SI and I-P Units
  • Psychrometric Chart and Mollier Diagram
  • Number of additional types of charts: 64
  • User-selectable colours and widths for property lines, grid lines and chart background
  • Build up chart step by step or in one go
  • User specifiable ranges and intervals for the axes and property lines
  • Dynamic chart that displays the property values of the of the point at the mouse-pointer position
  • Simultaneous display of property lines at up to a maximum of four altitudes
  • Full-featured property values calculator (input required: altitude or pressure and ANY 2 independent property values)
  • Results of an unlimited number of calculations can be retained on-screen.
  • Saturation curves and dew points of compressed air
  • Saturation details of up to 5 temperatures (over a wide range of pressures) can be simultaneously displayed.
  • Knowing initial conditions, find amount of condensate at different pressures and temperatures
  • Practically any combination of properties on the X and Y axes
  • Mark and delete points and lines
  • The property values at all marked points are saved in a Scratch Pad.
  • Pre-loaded examples of processes
  • In the case of multi-altitude displays the property values of the marked point corresponding to all the altitudes concerned are saved in the Scratch Pad.
  • Find SHR of a given line. Find the line that has a given SHR
  • Dynamic display of mixing ratios, ADPO and SHR
  • Help feature with detailed ‘How To’ notes on using the various features
  • Process Mode for finding SHR and other process parameters
  • Save / Load colour settings
  • Save / Load notes and screen shots

System requirements:
PsychroGen is a .NET program and should be compatible with Windows operating systems which have .NET 3.5 or higher. This includes XP, Vista and Windows 7. A minimum screen resolution of 1024 x 768 is needed. A disk space of at least 6 MB is also required.  As the full working version is completely free to download and run for the duration of the trial period, compatibility with any particular system can be confirmed by simply downloading the software and running it.



Important: Product delivery is by download only. Packaging (CD/Software Box) is solely for illustration purposes. Physical product, where offered, may vary.