Psychrometric Software – PsychroGen 2.0

A unique aid to Teaching, Learning & using Psychrometry

Free Psychrometry Software - Psychrogen 2.0

PsychroGen 2.0 is unique in that it can create a large number of different types of charts showing the relationships between various Psychrometric properties.

Psychrogen 2 is supported by AirQuest Ltd. on the following editions of Windows 10 – Windows 10 Home, Windows 10 Pro, Windows 10 Education, and Windows 10 Enterprise

PsychroGen 2.0 is an innovative program that allows you to create psychrometric charts in just a few clicks. It's an ideal solution for Learning, Teaching and Using Psychrometry. It allows users to specify almost any psychrometric property for the x and y axes. The chart is highly customisable. Ambient pressure, units, ranges, intervals, displayed properties, background colours, grid ranges and intervals, colours of the various property lines, all can be specified by the user and the customisations can be saved for use whenever needed.

Many features are provided for novices to deepen their understanding of psychrometric properties. There are many built-in examples of psychrometric processes as well as 'How to' explanationations of many of the unique features of the software.

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