PsychroGen 2 – The Special Edition

PsychroGen 2.0 was designed primarily for higher educational institutions and research establishments. For those who only need the Psychrometric Chart, Mollier Diagram and the Psychrometric Calculator, we also offer a Special Edition that is a subset of the standard version of PsychroGen 2.

The Special Edition of PsychroGen 2 contains the following components of the full version:

  • On the Psychrometric Chart page, only the usual Psychrometric Chart (i.e. X-Axis: Dry bulb Temperature; Y-Axis; Humidity Ratio) and the Mollier Diagram (i.e. X-Axis: Humidity Ratio; Y-Axis; Specific Enthalpy) can be plotted.
  • The Psychrometric Calculator

Psychrogen 2 is supported by AirQuest Ltd. on the following editions of Windows 10 – Windows 10 Home, Windows 10 Pro, Windows 10 Education, and Windows 10 Enterprise

The following features are not available on the Special Edition:

  • Capability to plot properties against any other combinations of X and Y axis properties
  • The capability to display property curves at up to 4 different altitudes at the same time on a chart (Multi-Altitude facility)
  • The Compressed Air Dew point charting facility

The operation of the Special Edition may be seen by running the standard version of PsychroGen 2 in the ‘Special Edition Simulation’ mode. This is done by using the “File – Simulate Special Edition” menu item in the standard PsychroGen 2 program.

Download & Installation
Downloading and installation of the Special Edition is done in the same manner as for the standard version. However, the Special Edition does not have a free trial period.  You will be asked for a Product Key during the on-line registration. Once you purchase a Lifetime-licence for the Special Edition, you will be sent a Product Key by email. You may then register it on-line and use the software on the machine that you installed it on.

When you download and expand the Special Edition zip file, do not place the various files in the same folder as those of the normal version that you may have.  Even though the files in the Special Edition have the same or similar names as those in the standard version, they are different and are not interchangeable.  

Download Free Psychrometric Diagrams Software   DOWNLOAD THE SPECIAL EDITION

Important: Product delivery is by download only. Packaging (CD/Software Box) is solely for illustration purposes. Physical product, where offered, may vary.